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Shanghai Hi-Dolphin Robot Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hi-Dolphin Technology”) was established in Shanghai in January 2018. It is an AI technology company with core R&D capabilities, superior operating technology, and a strong sales network. Its main business focuses on Use artificial intelligence technology to solve the unattended freshness sale in the food, especially beverage industry. It is a 'Nationally Recognized High-tech Enterprise', 'Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Special R&D Undertaking Unit', 'Shanghai Internet + Life Service Industry Leading Enterprise', 'Shanghai People's Congress and CPPCC Specially Invited Display of Artificial Intelligence Unit'.It is a year-long rigorous inspection and evaluation by the food safety expert group of the China Market Supervision Bureau, and it has become a robot coffee kiosk that has obtained a fresh food business license for China's alfalfa. Hi-Dolphin is also a post-doctoral research station, a team of technology stars.

The core team of Hi-Dolphin Technology is composed of more than 30 doctors and masters graduated from Fudan University, University of Science and Technology of China, Tongji, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and European and American universities. Most of them have worked for Huawei, Microsoft, Sany Heavy Industry and other famous multinational companies, with scientific research, operation and practical experience. Rich, with Internet genes, artificial intelligence genes, entity chain industry genes, and service industry genes. The core team is the earliest research and development team engaged in artificial intelligence robot coffee kiosks, service machines, and cleaning machines in China. They have accumulated in the fields of robot system integration, artificial intelligence +, Internet, cloud computing, system software development, data processing and processing, and Internet of Things technology. With rich experience and technical reserves, the company has now reserved more than 50 domestic and foreign patents, involving inventions, utility models, software and hardware and other professional fields, ranking first in the industry at home and abroad.

Hi-Dolphin Technology is committed to applying the three cutting-edge technologies of the Internet, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence to the research and development of common people’s life scenarios, focusing on the upgrading and evolution of traditional physical stores and chain service industries, and cultivating and developing 'unmanned stores', a global new Industry, create new species, new business forms, new models, new economies, and new lives, and develop a global layout aiming at the future trillion market scale.

At the beginning of 2019, Hi-Dolphin Technology launched the robot coffee kiosk COFE+ version 1.0, July 2019 version 2.0, November 2019 version 3.0, and June 2020 version 4.0. The technology upgrade and iteration speed is rapid, which has caused a wide range of consumers at home and abroad attention.

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Company Profile
WeChat public account:COFE PLUS

WeChat public account :COFE PLUS 

Sina Weibo:@COFEPLUS
Sina Weibo:@COFEPLUS

Overcome the negative impact of the epidemic on the global supply chain, and continue to upgrade productsThe company’s more than 50 patentsRobot Coffee Kiosk 4.0 version officially launched in JuneThe company was awarded the post-doctoral research workstation by the state (Shanghai Changning)Awarded the Technology Star Team (Shanghai Changning)Was awarded the Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Special R&D Undertaking UnitAwarded Shanghai Internet + Life Service Industry Leading EnterpriseThe Development and Reform Commission, the Economic and Information Commission, the Commerce Commission, and the Science and Technology Commission support the company to develop into a 'unicorn' for robot drinksThe two sessions of the Shanghai People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference invited the company to demonstrate new achievements in artificial intelligence for more than 2,000 CPPCC members


The company was awarded as a high-tech enterprise by the state

The health and safety of the robots on-the-sale are approved by the National Food and Drug Administration

Global layout patents, more than 30 new invention patent applications

Robot coffee kiosk version 2.0 officially launched in July

Robot Coffee Kiosk 3.0 version officially launched in November


The company's industrial and commercial registration is completed

Preparations for ready-to-sell health and safety standards are completed

Patent layout started, application for more than 10 invention patents

Robot coffee kiosk version 1.0 trial production completed in December


Completed the global market research of the coffee robot coffee kiosk and the comparative 

demonstration of the R&D technology route

Core research and development started