2000 is the first year of internet business history

2020 is the first year of robot coffee history

We are now at the forefront of reshaping the future, standing on the cusp of changing the world.

We are looking for visionary talents to join the fight side by side, and join the passionate great cause.

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Hardware testing (Intern)
Hardware testing (Intern)


Job Duties:

1、Assist the person in charge of testing to build a fully automated reliability test environment and maintain that test environment.

2、Assist the test leader in factory testing

3、Execute the special test tasks arranged by the test leader

4、Take turns to be responsible for the finishing of the test area, in line with the 'Shanghai Heliodolphin Equipment R&D and Assembly Site 2S Implementation Norms and Standards

5、Execute other tasks arranged by the test leader

Job Requirements:

1、the ability to work diligently and responsibly to meet the volume of tasks for the day.

2、Bachelor's degree or equivalent.

Job Time:

Five days a week (the test supervisor arranges the specific five days), 8 hours a day

Resume delivery email: hr@hi-dolphin.com