2000 is the first year of internet business history

2020 is the first year of robot coffee history

We are now at the forefront of reshaping the future, standing on the cusp of changing the world.

We are looking for visionary talents to join the fight side by side, and join the passionate great cause.

Come, let us change the world together!

Operation Planning Manager / Director
Operation Planning Manager / Director


Skills required:

Marketing Planning

Job Duties:

1、Responsible for the company's brand online market planning, the development of e-commerce marketing strategy, develop business operations programs and processes, responsible for the implementation of operational programs;

2、need to arrange annual/quarterly/monthly and key promotion period marketing planning plan according to the brand operation, including but not limited to specific program writing, plan implementation and proposal.

3、familiar with the latest developments in peer operations, make full use of social media marketing of hot events, and coordinate the company's departments for integrated brand marketing.

4、Responsible for incremental user acquisition, explore effective ways of user growth, and continue to build user pool.

5、according to the milestones, through internal and external business program planning, to promote targeted business growth, analysis of the program effect and user behavior changes, optimize the program.

6、Responsible for the construction of business ecological fission, pulling new, promoting live, retaining, fission replication.

7、Track the effect of business strategies, information collection, analysis of statistical data and optimization of programs.

8、Tapping other effective user acquisition channels and conversion methods.

9、Build user growth strategy model.

10、to participate in the coordination and integration of project-related resources, to promote the effective implementation of distribution, operations; in constant communication to help designers adjust, deepen the planning of related work.

11、 responsible for the planning and creativity of exhibition and display projects, including but not limited to an accurate understanding of the intention of the partners to complete the project in accordance with the project timelines for creative planning of the exhibition hall, the overall theme, exhibition outline, exhibition route planning, digital multimedia display formats, the writing of planning proposals, reporting documents, etc.

Job Requirements:

1、2 years of business and product operation experience, 2 years of marketing planning experience in the e-commerce industry.

2、with business and user growth planning ability and service systemization construction experience.

3、with strong copywriting, marketing and promotion skills, sensitive to data.

4、Have good logical thinking, communication and expression skill, organization and coordination ability and execution ability.

5、Possessing a positive, optimistic and enthusiastic attitude, strong sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit, able to withstand greater work pressure.

6、Proficient in PPT, Excel.

7、Familiar with IT/food/distribution/manufacturing/medical industry is preferred.

8、Bachelor's degree or above in advertising, marketing, mathematics and related majors.

9、Possessing certain foreign language skills is preferred.

Resume delivery email: hr@hi-dolphin.com

Sales Manager
Sales Manager


Skills required:

Sales Management, Marketing, Sales Strategy

Job Description:

1、a comprehensive understanding of the company's related products and the future development and promotion of products, and actively explore the market.

2、Responsible for communication with customers, demand identification, channel development, exhibition promotion, etc..

3、Gather market information, understand market dynamics, understand the situation of friends, etc. Provide suggestions for company's decision making, research and development.

Job Requirements:

1、Hard-working and with a good outlook.

2、have good personal qualities and learning ability, have pioneering spirit.

3、Be able to challenge ourselves, be disciplined, and grow with the company in the field of artificial intelligence.

4、sales of coffee machines and other machinery and equipment or coffee raw materials is preferred.

Resume delivery email: hr@hi-dolphin.com

Brand Planning & Copywriting
Brand Planning & Copywriting


Description of Duties:

1.Responsible for the company's brand building: assist the leadership to develop brand promotion goals and implementation steps;

2. The company's brand copywriting: LOGO copywriting, advertising copywriting, cultural programs, planning programs and other writing;

3. The company's double microblogging, etc.: online press releases, media graphics writing and organization;

4.Collecting and organizing market information: understand the dynamics of peer's advertising and publicity planning and provide competitive analysis.

5. Under the guidance of the immediate director: participate in the company's brand/product/project creative ideas, copywriting and design creative instructions and post-execution closing services;

6. In-depth understanding of all offline and online media: responsible for organizing the design and organization of the advertising and promotional activities of these media, preparing graphics, publishing on line, effect tracking and feedback and optimization.

7. Complete relevant and important work assigned by superiors.

Job Requirements:

Chinese and foreign language related majors require college degree or above, other majors require bachelor's degree or above.  Editing/Chinese/Foreign Languages/Journalism/Advertising and Communication/Business Administration/International Business/Creative Design/Arts Management majors are preferred.

2. Fluent in English and Chinese, Master's degree is preferred.

3. At least 2 years working experience in the same position after graduation, preferably in an advertising company.

4. no age limit, no gender limit, no provincial citizenship limit.

5. Good facial features, elegant image, good communication skills and fluent oral skills.

Resume delivery email: hr@hi-dolphin.com

Financial Manager
Financial Manager


Skills required:

Cost Management, Mid-level Accountant, General Ledger

Job Description:

1、internal company payment order approval.

2、Prepare partial bookkeeping vouchers, monthly bookkeeping closure, and timely preparation of monthly accounting statements.

3、Complete tax returns before the 15th of each month and report to the department manager and general manager on total assets, liabilities and profits for the month.

4、at the end of each month to clean up current accounts, responsible for accounts receivable collection, and have a strong sense of wind control.

5、Pay employees' salaries on time.

6、to assist the external audit department to carry out financial audits, to complete the annual income tax remittance clearing work; on time to complete the annual report of the enterprise publicity.

Job Requirements:

1、Age between 35 and 55 years old, living near the company, retirees are preferred.

2、experience in taxation and auditing.

3、Full-time college degree or above, finance related majors.

4、general ledger experience of more than 10 years, skilled operation of UF financial software.

5、Excellent conduct, initiative, carefulness, strong sense of responsibility and team spirit.

6、master the national financial policy, enterprise financial system and process, proficient in relevant tax laws and regulations.

Resume delivery email: hr@hi-dolphin.com

Director of Merchandising
Director of Merchandising


Skills required:

Merchandising Management, Operations Management

Job Description:

1、Responsible for the planning of national chain franchise channel layout and the organization of franchise channel development.

2、According to the overall objectives of the company's project development, the development of joining strategies and systems to join the policy, planning, promotion and other programs, to join the overall management, coordination and promotion of the work.

3、responsible for joining marketing management ideas, develop and improve the company's marketing management system, and develop appropriate assessment standards, and supervise the implementation.

4、Responsible for the market research and analysis of the project area, write project positioning, planning and implementation plan.

5、join the pre-packaging work (joining manual, specification documents, promotion plan, etc.) and join the marketing of the project (screening, evaluation, site selection, training, opening planning and marketing planning, etc.) as well as customer negotiations and contract work.

6、Regularly submit annual, quarterly and monthly analysis of performance completion to adjust the content and conditions of joining to ensure a balance with market development.

7、Responsible for the chain to join the Chamber of Commerce, management of major projects, monitoring and development of key markets.

8、the chain of investment department's annual budget development and cost control, and audit related expenses.


Job Requirements:

1、more than 5 years of experience in the same position, to-C terminal customer resources, a chain of drinks industry experience is preferred.

2、with sensitive business and market awareness, strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with excellent resource integration and business promotion ability.

3、excellent communication skills, good language skills, strong business negotiation skills and the ability to develop and maintain customer relationships.

4、practical work, able to take the initiative to follow up on projects, have good customer service spirit and teamwork ability.

Resume delivery email: hr@hi-dolphin.com

Assistant to the President / Assistant to the General Manager
Assistant to the President / Assistant to the General Manager


Job Duties:

Press interviewer and writer, English speaking, press reception

Funding Roadshow Speakers

News interview with the speaker

Contributor to public relations activities

Organize advertising campaigns

External substitutes for the chairman of the board at the forum

Internal representation of the chairman of the board at the symposium

Have a good understanding of the company's business and the ability to handle journalists and interviews on your own.

Resume delivery email: hr@hi-dolphin.com

Recruiting Manager/Supervisor
Recruiting Manager/Supervisor


Skills required:

Executive Search, Hiring Manager, Technical Hiring

Job Description:

1、Responsible for handling the company's administrative and logistical management, coordinating and resolving internal and external administrative affairs.

2、Resume screening and interviewing for staff recruitment information update and release.

3、Responsible for auditing the hiring, promotion, dismissal, training, rewards and punishment of employees.

4、Responsible for all kinds of company licenses and documents management.

5、 collect and organize weekly and monthly work plans for each department.

6、Responsible for the performance appraisal of employees.

7、Responsible for the company's attendance and other logistical support work.

8、complete the tasks assigned by the leadership.

Terms and conditions of employment:

1、human resources related majors, bachelor degree or above, 5 years or so of human resources experience.

2、Good command of written English and daily oral communication.

3、Familiar with six modules of human resources, especially in recruitment, employee relations and performance management.

4、with strategic thinking, strong planning and execution.

5、Strong communication, coordination, organizational skills, outgoing and uninhibited personality.

6、Be passionate, responsible, and able to work under pressure.

Resume delivery email: hr@hi-dolphin.com

Director of Marketing (CMO)
Director of Marketing (CMO)


Skills required:

Interactive marketing, new media operations, market analysis, marketing management

Job Description:

1、According to the company's development goals and strategies, plan the positioning of the company's products and brands, and develop effective marketing strategies.

2、the development and implementation of the company's brand marketing strategy, the establishment and development of brand marketing management system, according to market differentiation and the brand's own advantages, to help the brand to obtain the advantages of the concept of awareness, the establishment of brand cooperation standard library.

3、Use their market acumen, integrate online and offline multi-channel resources, to create O2O cross-platform integrated marketing planning and implementation; ensure that the integration of commodity promotion systematization, smooth; responsible for the value of omnichannel commodity creation and promotion.

4、Establish a perfect marketing media resource network, study and analyze the media, and plan high-yield media promotion.

5、Promote and improve the operation and management of the media platform, marketing activity planning, precise marketing, and cultivate loyalty of members; build a closed-loop self-media communication system, and manage WeChat marketing, WeChat pollination, and WeChat mall; plan media investment system to expand brand influence and reputation by combining the level of brand voice and the four degrees of the brand.

6、Responsible for supervising the implementation of the company's products and competitor's products in the market sales survey, integrated customer feedback, and regularly submit market research reports to the company's management for decision-making reference.

7、responsible for brand marketing system internal personnel echelon construction, reserve training echelon talents, to ensure the establishment of a sound brand team, the brand marketing system staff's professional skills training and guidance, to create an efficient, high combat effectiveness, with wolf thinking brand marketing team.

8、Complete other work affairs assigned by the chairman and president.


1、bachelor degree or above, management, marketing, advertising, mass communication and other related majors.

2、more than 10 years of marketing experience in FMCG / chain brands / restaurants / Internet and other industries, more than 3 years of work experience in the same position.

3、a deep understanding and cognition of the market & brand team building and market & brand system, a strong sense of innovation, a keen market insight, with logical analysis capabilities, good at using data on user demand and behavior, product development and other in-depth analysis.

4、with a wealth of platform and channel resources, to maintain good relations of cooperation.

5、the ability to innovate and influence; the ability to adapt; the ability to solve problems; the ability to plan and organize; the ability to negotiate.

6、with broad social resources and international vision, business insight and leadership, logical, forward-looking concepts, innovative thinking, with a high sense of responsibility, full of passion.

7、noble moral character, self-interest and altruism, inclusive mind, cohesive personality charm. Operator thinking and partner consciousness.

Resume delivery email: hr@hi-dolphin.com

Food Machinery Procurement Engineer
Food Machinery Procurement Engineer


Skills required:

Purchasing, Food Machinery, Beverage Machinery

Job Duties:

1、Interface with R&D department to coordinate procurement of internal resources to meet project schedules, costs, and landing of product projects in mass production and on-time delivery.

2、Responsible for project material supplier development, quotations, bargaining, contract negotiation & review and cost reduction objectives to ensure that the material achieves the expected cost objectives and competitive advantage.

3、Follow up and ensure the progress of parts development, identify and solve material preparation problems and risk points.

4、Project parts procurement cost tracking and strong coordination and management skills, able to identify risks and solve problems quickly.


Educational Background: College degree or above in science and engineering related majors.

1、5 years of work experience in procurement of production materials such as food machinery, machinery and electronics, familiar with the requirements of mechanical processing, electronic manufacturing and other production processes.

2、Be able to search for suitable suppliers, judge the reasonableness of suppliers' quotations through familiarity with the production process, BOM analysis and other product cost accounting methods, and maintain price sensitivity to achieve continuous cost control.

3、Have good experience in procurement negotiations and be able to lead and direct relevant procurement and product development staff to manage suppliers and supply chain to ensure on-time delivery.

4、skilled use of computers and office software, experience in the use of ERP and other procurement systems.

5、motivated, responsible, strong self-binding, ability to work independently and under pressure.

6、High work enthusiasm, good teamwork spirit, strong interpersonal communication and communication skills.

Resume delivery email: hr@hi-dolphin.com