From the robot coffee to see the future of the major direction of the restaurant, how to live?

Since entering the 21st century, China's catering industry has been developing rapidly, while the market competition has become increasingly fierce, prompting the emergence of new business models and the expansion of the industry scale. More and more theme restaurants and creative restaurants are blossoming, which is overwhelming.

The future of the restaurant industry from the robot coffee to see the general direction of how to l

With the post-80s, post-90s and post-00s leading the upgrade of consumption, people now eat, the purpose is more social entertainment. Which restaurant is fashionable, which restaurant high style, which restaurant unique features, online popular, etc., become the primary choice of modern young people to choose restaurants. These restaurants are traced back to one feature, which is the power of network media, through the network live, microblogging popular and other means of communication to attract a large number of user groups, which is the most representative of the 'net red dining'.

These 'net red catering' in the marketing model is generally the same, all make full use of the 'Internet + marketing' approach, with a variety of hot spots, topics and other events quickly 'rose to fame'. However, we have also seen some of the 'Netflix restaurants' fizzle out.

How can the catering industry survive and survive in the future?

Last year, the revenue of the catering industry exceeded 4 trillion, showing a prosperous scene. This year, affected by the epidemic, a large number of restaurants closed down. The average survival period of new stores is 5.5 months, and the closure rate of new stores is more than 60%; on average, 10% of restaurants close down in a month, and only 20% of restaurants in North, Guangzhou and Shenzhen make money. The restaurant industry is ostensibly expanding, but behind the scale of expansion is an excessively high closure rate.

The future of the restaurant industry from the robot coffee to see the general direction of how to l

Many new and old well-known brands of the gloomy exit, can not help but let us sigh, lament the regret at the same time, more want to know the entity store problem in the end where?

A variety of rising housing prices, many stores rent prices also followed, some good locations a year funds can be as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars, and today's physical stores are working on profits, coupled with the high consumption of rent, resulting in many physical stores are unable to make money, only to be forced to close down. Nowadays, the impact of e-commerce, the epidemic ravages, the entity industry is on thin ice, is experiencing a new wave of renewal. How to accelerate business transformation, with services and products to get the audience's buy-in to support the long-term development of the company, is the challenge that the real economy must face.

Robot coffee model drives new business development

How will the restaurant industry change in the future?

With the gradual maturity of emerging technologies of artificial intelligence, the 'unmanned economy', 'at-home economy' and 'online economy', which reduce labor costs and attach importance to consumer experience, are increasingly favored by consumers. The 'unmanned economy', 'at-home economy' and 'online economy' are favored by more and more consumers. Especially after the epidemic, more and more brands are accelerating the corporatization process, accelerating business transformation, enhancing brand power externally and improving organizational power and basic skills internally to build a corporate moat.

In the middle of this year, a 'new species' - COFE+ robot coffee kiosk appeared at the entrance of Zhongshan Park and West Yan'an Road subway station in Shanghai. Consumers in front of the coffee kiosk, just scan the code to order and pay, after placing an order, the robot cantilever in the transparent warehouse began to grind, extract, stir, play milk flower, add ingredients, buckle the lid, the whole process only takes 30 seconds to 1 minute, a cup of fragrant freshly ground coffee will be ready.

The future of the restaurant industry from the robot coffee to see the general direction of how to l

Whether it's a white-collar worker hurrying to work or a resident walking nearby, out of curiosity, many people can't help but stop in front of this machine cafe and order a cup of coffee. It is reported that the use of high-tech intelligent coffee robot COFE +, is China's enterprise independent research and development of the world's first robot coffee kiosk, can provide hot and cold two cup types, 2 kinds of imported coffee beans, more than 50 flavors of coffee, milk tea-type drinks.

The future of the restaurant industry from the robot coffee to see the general direction of how to l

The fully enclosed aseptic environment, fully transparent production process, the whole process of zero contact consumption mode, dispel the last trace of consumer doubts. After tasting, consumers have said that the coffee made by this COFE + robot coffee shop, the taste is comparable to professional baristas, and in the price is unusually pro-people, the lowest cup of coffee only 9.9 yuan, while the same coffee in the brand store generally sells for more than 30 yuan.

The future of the restaurant industry from the robot coffee to see the general direction of how to l

Traditional artificial coffee shop, in addition to personnel costs, but also to pay high store rent, wear and tear costs, the cost is already sky-high, coupled with the uneven service staff, manual service inevitable mistakes, etc., maintaining the store is difficult. The emergence of COFE+ has broken all the drawbacks of traditional manual coffee shops in one fell swoop, with the huge advantages of low cost, low energy consumption and high quality service.

The future of the restaurant industry from the robot coffee to see the general direction of how to l

In the future, where is the windfall of the catering industry? It must be the combination of segmentation, lean, branded business, from delivery robots to smart restaurants, more and more robots are serving people, and the entity catering stores may be able to complete overtaking again with the development of intelligent technology.