"China Business News" special interview report COFE+ Robot Coffee Kiosk

On December 11, CBN reporters made a special trip to Shanghai Hi-Dolphin Technology to shoot COFE+ robot coffee kiosks around the 'unmanned economy topic' and interview the company leaders.

Zhang Wei, the company's technical director, answered the reporter's following questions during the interview: What is the first record of the robot coffee kiosk in the industry? Technically solve the problem (what is the technical difficulty of making both iced and hot drinks? For cups with different materials and sizes, how is the function of automatic capping realized? The use of liquid milk faces the problem of preservation, no one How does the machine guarantee food safety?); Compared with the traditional coffee shop, the advantages in function and service; the future upgrade of the personalized needs of customers? Views on the status quo and prospects of 'unmanned economy' becoming a hot spot in the industry...

CBN reporters also personally ordered the order at the scene, experienced and tasted the robot coffee, saying that the taste of the robot coffee is comparable to the famous physical coffee shop, and I really appreciate the COFE+ robot coffee kiosk.

At present, Shanghai's benchmark enterprises in the field of unmanned economy, big data, and artificial intelligence may not be prominent, but once Shanghai's comprehensive advantages are brought into play, the growth rate of new industries will be faster and more stable, and the advantages that constitute the industrial chain will be stronger. . Intelligent unmanned stores represented by COFE+ robot coffee kiosks not only greatly reduce labor costs, greatly improve efficiency and effectiveness, but also achieve zero time difference in service time, high and stable service quality, and civilian service prices. Zero distance in service area and personalized service method. The popularity of COFE+ robotic coffee kiosks confirms the broad prospects of unmanned economy.

After this epidemic, new business forms such as unmanned economy may usher in another round of development opportunities, but whether they can truly step on the track and achieve a win-win situation in technological innovation and business models will test the comprehensive competition behind a city. force. The real economy may be able to use the development of intelligent technology to catch the track of unmanned economy and complete overtaking again.