Coffee robots, putting an intelligent brain into retail

With China's technology level climbing high one after another, social development is advancing by leaps and bounds, and people's needs for a better life are being met to a large extent. 2020, under the continued impact of the epidemic, the value of service robots has come to the fore, society is accelerating towards big data and intelligence, the robotics industry is landing more, and the retail industry is developing step-by-step innovation, allowing people to see the value of unmanned retail in more scenarios The future prospects of the industry are very promising.

Coffee robots, putting an intelligent brain into retail

Unmanned, Evolution

From unmanned convenience stores to unmanned petrol stations to unmanned restaurants ...... the advantages of the 'unmanned economy' in the context of the times have been demonstrated, becoming one of the drivers of future economic growth. An important practice in retail development in the past two years is 'unmanned retail'. The traditional catering industry is being reshuffled, with new catering formats that do not require cashiers, waiters or chefs and provide unmanned services based on intelligent technology springing up, driving the industry from labour-intensive development to technology-based development.

Coffee robots, putting an intelligent brain into retail

In terms of operation, unmanned retailing has constructed a front-end unmanned and back-end 'data-based' operation mode through the technical means of artificial intelligence, which has improved the efficiency of commodity circulation and solved the pain points of operating traditional convenience stores such as difficult site selection, expensive rent, complex management, high labour costs and low efficiency of daily operation; in terms of consumption scenarios, through the In terms of consumer scenarios, through the integration of Internet and IoT technologies, it effectively expands the operating time, space and user shopping experience, and is an important supplement to traditional retail; in terms of user experience, the convenience, efficiency and technology of unmanned retail is beyond the reach of most traditional retail enterprises, and it gives people a newer and cooler experience.

Affected by the epidemic, from courier sorting robots to food delivery robots, from smart restaurants to coffee robots ...... more and more intelligent services represented by contactless services are rapidly entering the streets and lanes and are loved by everyone. While the epidemic has brought great losses to humanity, it has also bred innovation and opportunity, making us more aware of how important 'efficiency' and 'technology' are in the face of viruses.

Unmanned, Future

2017 was the first year of unmanned retail, and 2018 is the year when unmanned retail will be on the ground on a large scale. From government departments to industry associations, more and more people have started to pay attention to unmanned retailing and have started to try to provide support for its development, while the iteration of unmanned retailing technology has also made the market full of expectations for the future of unmanned retailing.

The research and development company of COFE+ robot coffee kiosk, Shanghai Heliodolphin Technology, was born in early 2018. In the past three years, the company has stockpiled more than 50 domestic and foreign patents, involving inventions, utility models, software and hardware and other professional fields, topping the list of the industry at home and abroad.

Coffee robots, putting an intelligent brain into retail

From the 1.0 version in 2019 to the 4.0 upgraded version now, from sporadic deployment, high-level cooperation, to refined operation, COFE+ robot coffee kiosks are gradually getting better. In the process, COFE+ has continued to explore new attempts and gained great recognition from the government, society and the industry.

Coffee robots, putting an intelligent brain into retail

The coffee kiosk, which covers an area of less than 2.35 square metres, operates 24 hours a day with the support of IoT and artificial intelligence technology, and takes an average of only 30 seconds - 1 minute to make 1 cup, and about 30 minutes a day to operate and maintain the refill, and 1 refill can meet about 300 cups of orders.

At the same time, the coffee robot COFE+ uses fresh milk, supports freshly ground coffee, sprinkling powder and sauce, instant ice making and automatic lid snapping, can regularly automate cleaning and high temperature disinfection, real-time display of temperature and humidity and air index, etc., breaking through the limitations of traditional coffee shops and reflecting the full efficiency and superiority of technological progress.

Coffee robots, putting an intelligent brain into retail

COFE+ robot coffee kiosk not only breaks the backward situation of traditional physical shops that generally rely on human tactics, manual production and dirty and busy, but also solves the operational pain points of traditional physical coffee shops such as unstable personnel, unstable quality, irregular management, difficulty in selecting and changing locations, restricted business hours, scarce space in popular shops and large losses in water, electricity and material consumption.

At a time when the epidemic is not yet completely over, COFE+ robot coffee kiosks follow the trend, with features such as no artificial, non-contact, zero infection, excellent price and 24-hour operation, which can provide the public with safe, convenient, high-quality and affordable coffee drinks and intelligent services.

Coffee robots, putting an intelligent brain into retail

In today's world, technological innovation is advancing by leaps and bounds, and commercial innovation is changing rapidly. But the underlying logic of commercial retailing will not change easily: lower cost, better experience and higher efficiency. Coffee robots, equipped with intelligent brains for retail, will bring us endless imagination as technology continues to iterate.

The future is here, and the expectation is that there are infinite possibilities; the pride is that we are in the midst of this new era of retail change. The unmanned retail model will continue to improve and iterate in the future, with technology providing new opportunities for operators, who will in turn give unmanned retail a warmer soul.