​Artificial intelligence empowers the catering industry, and coffee robots become a trend?

For the catering industry, with every small step forward in artificial intelligence technology, the catering industry has risen to a new level. 

Under the influence of information technology and digital trends, more and more stores have realized intelligent future scene creation, giving people a new offline experience.

Covering an area of only about 2 square meters, a robotic coffee kiosk is working with a flexible robotic arm. There are various small appliances and accessories around it. Consumers can pay for orders via mobile phones. After placing an order, the coffee beans in the transparent bin began to be ground and extracted. The high-tech styling and novel shopping experience have been well received by many consumers on the scene within one month of its appearance in the South Mall.

This is the COFE+ robot freshly ground coffee kiosk from Shanghai Hi-Dolphin Technology is fully enclosed to remove bacteria and dust, and is fully intelligently disinfected and cleaned. It is fully automated and produced. It is open 24 hours a day, and it can continuously produce 300 cups of 16-ounce large drinks with one feed. It only takes 30 minutes a day for operation, maintenance and replenishment, and one employee can manage 10 robotic coffee kiosks, which is a new species in the new economy. It not only greatly reduces labor and costs, and greatly improves efficiency and benefits, but also achieves zero time difference in service time, high stability in service quality, civilian service prices, zero distance in service areas, and personalized service methods. 


This robot coffee not only can only make coffee, but also a 'black technology'-the robot's robotic arm can independently perform operations such as milk frothing, whipping cream, decorative powder, pouring sauce, layering, shaking, and capping. It’s a concentrated smart cafe. It can provide two kinds of coffee beans, two cup types and three choices of cold/hot/ice.You can freely choose the concentration/temperature/sweetness/ice amount/gram weight. It can not only make fresh coffee, but also make Western milk tea, Japanese Matcha, chocolate drinks four types and more than 50 flavors. One cup can be made in an average of 45 seconds.It is unattended for 24 hours and is never fatigued. Coffee sold in other physical coffee shops can be purchased here for only one-third of the price, and it uses fresh milk, fresh ice, and freshly ground cups.


Now is the era of the continuous rise of new species. Unmanned retail and shared lifestyles emerge in endlessly. Artificial intelligence continues to give the public new imagination. Starting with intelligent technology, COFE+ robot coffee kiosks not only break through the traditional physical store business model, but also upgrade the traditional vending machine's 'stale goods arrangement' model, and the customized products are made on the spot, which points out a new technological path for the future development of the real economy.


Today, the shadow of the domestic epidemic has basically disappeared, and digital services have penetrated into all aspects of life. Robot coffee has reduced human-to-human contact in many aspects. This contactless method is in line with the current form and will also become the future trend.