Leaders of a property group in Sichuan came to inspect and investigate COFE+ robot coffee

On March 9th, a group of leaders from a property group in Sichuan came to Heliodolphin Technology to inspect and investigate the COFE+ robot coffee and learn more about the functions of the robot coffee kiosk.

The staff of COFE+ robot coffee kiosk introduced to the Sichuan leaders that there are only seven companies in four countries that can develop robot coffee kiosk in the world. As the world's leading full-featured robot coffee kiosk, COFE+ covers an area of less than 2.5 square meters, not only can freshly ground coffee, but also can produce Western-style milk tea, Japanese matcha, chocolate drinks four categories of more than 50 flavors, an average of 45 seconds to make a cup.

Leaders of a property group in Sichuan came to inspect and investigate COFE+ robot coffee

The robot coffee kiosk COFE+ can provide 100% Arabica and 100% organic two kinds of coffee beans, hot and iced drinks two cup types, and no sugar and less sugar, more ice and less ice, add powder and granules and other personalized services, can realize the preservation of pure milk, instant ice, creative toppings, mixing and shaking, beverage layering production. It not only breaks the situation of restricted production process, but also solves the six pain points of traditional physical coffee shops, such as irregular management, unstable quality, difficult to change location, restricted business hours, scarce space in popular stores, and unstable personnel.

The fully enclosed sterile environment, fully transparent production process, and the full zero-contact consumption mode let consumers put down their worries at the moment when the epidemic is not yet over. After tasting, consumers have said that the coffee made by this COFE + robot coffee kiosk, the taste is comparable to professional baristas, but also in the price is unusually friendly, the lowest cup of coffee only 9.9 yuan, while the same coffee in the brand store generally sells for more than 30 yuan.

The Sichuan leader experienced the whole process of making coffee with the robot, and encouraged the COFE+ robot coffee kiosk research team to accelerate the technology iteration, speed up the mass production of products, and play the Chinese intellectual manufacturing in the global market as early as possible, sing the Shanghai brand, and lead the upgrade and transformation of the global traditional industry, while he also expressed his praise for the advanced technology and functions of the coffee machine, and expressed his intention to order several coffee machines to be placed in the community property.