Leaders of Shanghai Pudong New Area Government came to COFE+ Robot Coffee R&D Company for inspection

On March 9, leaders of Shanghai Pudong New Area government came to COFE+ Robot Coffee R&D Company for inspection and exchange, and learned about the functions and introduction of the coffee robot in detail.

Leaders of Shanghai Pudong New Area Government came to COFE+ Robot Coffee R&D Company for inspection

COFE+ robot coffee kiosk staff introduced to the leaders of Shanghai Pudong New Area that only seven companies in four countries in the world can develop robot coffee kiosks. As the world's leading full-featured robot coffee kiosk, COFE+ robot coffee, covering an area of less than 2.5 square meters, does not use much electricity, can realize 24-hour unmanned retail, and only needs 30 minutes a day for operation and maintenance replenishment to meet the day's usage demand.

It not only breaks the limitations of traditional coffee shops, but also solves the problems of unregulated management, unstable quality, unregulated personnel, difficulty in changing locations, time constraints and space scarcity, and completely liberates human resources. The coffee made by the robot ensures food safety, by air filtration, ultraviolet light sterilization, air curtain isolation air, raw material refrigeration and preservation, high temperature steam pipeline sterilization. An average of fifty seconds to make a cup of coffee, the efficiency is absolutely unmatched by physical coffee shops.

COFE+ robot coffee, as a product of the new economy, to achieve zero contact, risk-free, safe and hygienic, efficient and convenient features, users can order on site or cell phone order. COFE+ robot coffee, not only has more than fifty flavors, including coffee, but also matcha, coffee, chocolate, milk tea and other types of options, low prices, the cheapest only 9.9 yuan, only a third of the price of Starbucks. The cheapest price is only 9.9 RMB, which is only one-third of the price of Starbucks, and you can enjoy a cup of delicious coffee of nearly 500ml to recharge your energy for the afternoon and evening work.

The leader of Pudong New Area kindly experienced the whole process of making coffee by robot on site, and the staff provided a cup of Australian white to the leader for free. After tasting the coffee, the leader was full of praise and encouraged the scientific research team of COFE+ robot coffee kiosk to accelerate the technology iteration, speed up the mass production of the products, play the Chinese intellectual manufacturing in the global market as early as possible, sing the Shanghai brand, and lead the upgrade and transformation of the global traditional industry. He also expressed his praise for the advanced technology and functions of the coffee machine and expressed his intention to order several coffee machines to be placed in the population gathering area, while looking forward to the economic and social benefits brought by the coffee machine.