COFE+ Robot Coffee Kiosk Featured in "First Financial”

Affected by the aftermath of the epidemic, the status quo of the real economy in the catering session is not optimistic. As a new star in the unmanned retail industry, COFE+ robot coffee kiosk has been ushering in a booming development since 2020 with an overwhelming momentum.

On March 23rd, Zhang Wei, the technical director of COFE+ robot coffee, was interviewed by First Financial, and had an in-depth communication with the reporter about the presentation and future planning of the coffee robot.

COFE+ Robot Coffee Kiosk Featured in

The reporter asked a related question about COFE+ robot coffee: 'If we go by the classification of robots, which category of robots should coffee robots belong to?' 'Is it hard for robots to cover?' 'How many coffee robots are there in Shanghai now?' 'What is the outlook for the future development of coffee robots?'

Zhang Wei, the company's technical director, replied:

'The coffee robot belongs to the category of food service robots and new retail robots.' 'There are hundreds of sensors in the coffee robot, and the sensors have several functions, one is to ensure the taste of drinks, such as temperature and humidity sensors; one is the intelligent sensors for maintenance and operation, such as weighing sensors; and one is to improve the user experience, such as optical sensors. The difficulty of the coffee robot is that unlike ordinary coffee vending machines, it can do flexible snap lids. Whether it is a transparent plastic cold drink cup, or a hot drink paper cup, it can change the strength and angle to accurately snap the lid.' 'Shanghai currently has more than 10 experience centers, and in the future will strengthen the iterative upgrade of the human-computer interaction experience and focus on polishing the taste of beans.'

COFE+ Robot Coffee Kiosk Featured in

The reporter learned that COFE+ coffee robot in various experience centers can be described as popular, many adults and children are scrambling to line up to experience. And said she is very optimistic about the development of COFE+, there will be more demand for ordering robot coffee kiosks in Shanghai in the future, and expects COFE+ to lead the further development of unmanned economy.

Today's China has the strength, and COFE+, as an emerging black technology product, will strive to contribute its share to the industrial transformation of the food and beverage retail industry. And we look forward to representing Chinese manufacturing on a broader world stage.