COFE+ Robot Coffee was invited to participate in "Shanghai Coffee Culture Week”

Shanghai's coffee culture is unique in the world. It combines the original function of coffee with the elegance of Jiangnan culture, and continues to innovate and burst into new excitement in the diverse and modern Shanghai culture... In Shanghai, history can be touched and culture can be tasted.

In 2021, the city will convey its unique charm to people in China and around the world in the name of coffee, and from March 29, Shanghai will hold a series of activities for Shanghai Coffee Culture Week under the title of 'Because of Coffee, That's Shanghai'. COFE+ Robot Coffee is invited to participate in the event, planning an exciting event with 'coffee' as the language and culture with Shanghai characteristics.

COFE+ Robot Coffee was invited to participate in

Come and see what COFE + Robot Coffee has to offer this Coffee Culture Week ~

April 1 Sinan Mansion Night Market

Sinan Mansion, as a well-known weekend arts and culture destination in Shanghai, has become a bright cultural card and an important 'cultural landmark' in Shanghai. From April 1, COFE+ Robot Coffee will be stationed in Sinan Night Party Coffee Theme Market, together with Starbucks, Wang Li, Myron, Xiang Ji, seesaw, etc., bringing a series of activities such as limited coffee drinks, coffee lectures, coffee industrial tourism, old Shanghai style display and Shanghai special blend, providing a good place for the public at night. Users can order on site or by cell phone. Not only does it have more than fifty flavors, but also contains coffee, matcha, chocolate, milk tea and other kinds of choices at low and affordable prices, the cheapest only costs 9.9 yuan, only one-third of the price of the big-name physical coffee shops, and you can enjoy a cup of nearly 500ml of delicious coffee.

COFE+ Robot Coffee was invited to participate in

May 1st Coffee Robot Tour

As the world's leading fully-functional robot coffee kiosk, the public and coffee gourmets will be able to experience a different kind of popular coffee in the future through the display of a fully-functional robot coffee kiosk. At the scene will be able to personally feel the intelligent unmanned coffee kiosk in a series of complex operations such as freshly ground, extraction, ice making, stirring, and buckling the lid. After ordering on the ipad, there are more than 50 flavors of coffee, latte, milk, chocolate, milk tea, matcha drinks for everyone to choose from, and also provide a variety of personalized services such as cold, hot, iced, sugar-free, less sugar, standard sugar, multi-sugar, etc., and even each additive can be accurate to the gram, enjoy each cup of stable quality freshly ground coffee.

COFE+ Robot Coffee was invited to participate in

At that time, you are welcome to come to hit the card, follow the coffee master to brew their own exclusive drinks, feel the joy of coffee. ~