"The Development Prospect of Robot Coffee in "her economy --The Leaders of the All-China Women's Fed

As an emerging product of artificial intelligence, recently women can often be seen on Little Red Book and Weibo punching in to experience the robot coffee scene, from coffee making to drink flavors, showing strong curiosity about it.

In the afternoon of March 24, Cai Shumin, Vice President and Secretary of the Secretariat of the All-China Women's Federation, accompanied by Ma Lijian, President and Secretary of the Party Group of Shanghai Women's Federation, and Wang Jianzhang, Vice President of Shanghai Women's Federation, inspected and visited the fully intelligent COFE+ robot coffee kiosk located in Beixinjing AI Community.

The company's chairman, Han Feizi, warmly received the leadership of the Women's Federation and introduced and demonstrated in detail the production process of COFE+ robot coffee, which enables users to personalize their orders, allows the robot to make intelligently, allows procurement to order intelligently, operates intelligently, and allows operations to replenish in a timely manner. 

Compared with the general automatic coffee machine, it can make more than fifty flavors such as freshly ground coffee, Japanese matcha and chocolate, and can produce a cup of flavorful coffee in about fifty seconds. The taste is consistent with famous coffee shops, but the price is only one-third of them. The leaders of All-China Women's Federation expressed their great optimism about the development direction of COFE+ and expected it to lead the development of unmanned economy.

As Chinese women's education and social status continue to improve, there will be new changes in Chinese women's consumption perception, information access, shopping self-perception, commodity demand class and spiritual consumption. COFE+ Robot Coffee will further improve the types of coffee and drink flavors to meet the different needs of women. 

We will strive to customize precise marketing solutions for women groups and realize the advancement and transformation of 'her economy' in artificial intelligence and food and beverage retail industry.