Coffee and Food Culture Festival|COFE+Robot Coffee Leads New Trends in the Industry

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Shanghai International Hotel & Restaurant Expo 2021, the grand opening of HOTELEX Shanghai International Coffee & Food Culture Festival was held on March 29 as a branded coffee festival event during the same period.

As one of the highest specification exhibitions in the coffee industry, COFE+ Robot Coffee represents a 24-hour never-closing cafe, leading the trend of the coffee industry in the next decade.

HOTELEX Shanghai International Coffee and Food Culture Festival|COFE+Robot Coffee Leads New Trends i

On that day, COFE+ Robot Coffee was introduced as the first heavyweight appearance to all media reporters, government staff and industry guests.COFE+ Robot Coffee kiosk is fully enclosed, sterile and dust-free, with intelligent high-temperature disinfection and cleaning, and the whole process is automated, operating 24 hours a day, without personnel on duty. Covering an area of less than 2.5 square meters, it can provide a number of services such as two types of coffee beans, two cup sizes and cold/hot/ice options, personalization, etc. Up to 50 types of coffee flavors can be made in just one minute on average.

HOTELEX Shanghai International Coffee and Food Culture Festival|COFE+Robot Coffee Leads New Trends i

In today's globalization and rapid economic development, COFE+ does not take the 'taste' road, break through the tradition and actively innovate the business model.

1) 'Company + base + farmer': the shortest cost chain using coffee planting, transportation and processing

2) 'R&D+Manufacturing+Sales': Dedicated to the shortest information chain of equipment development, manufacturing and sales

3) 'Direct + Join + Sales + Export': the four-in-one creates the unique [wisdom - made] business model of the new species

4) 'Robot 24-hour unmanned': the new species will certainly set off the 5th revolutionary wave of coffee on a global scale

Since 2020, in order to overcome the negative impact of the epidemic on the global supply chain, the product continues to be upgraded with the launch of the robot coffee kiosk version 4.0.

Earlier, COFE+ robot coffee has participated in the Fair's for many years in a row, which was enthusiastically sought after by the audience and earned a lot of eyeballs. During the two sessions of the Shanghai People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in 2020, COFE+ was specially invited to show artificial intelligence into people's lives to more than 3,000 delegates and government leaders. With the support of the Development and Reform Commission, the Economic and Information Commission, the Commerce Commission and the Science and Technology Commission, the company has developed into a 'unicorn' of robotic drinks, and the consumption boom in China's coffee market is surging. Innovative models are being developed, and Chinese brands like COFE+ are having another good opportunity to 'overtake' the market. The new retail, new services and new economy are reshaping the industry with lower costs, better services and better quality.