Foreigners admire China's Golden Week with real names, COFE+ robot coffee kiosk triggers a consumpti

When the National Day meets the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Chinese celebrated this 'ultra-long golden week' as a new year.

The domestic epidemic management and control can have today's 'excellent', inseparable from the collective efforts of the Chinese people over the past six months. These days, small partners from all over the world have stepped out of their homes, igniting domestic tourism, catering, aviation and other markets.

Over the past few days, scenes of crowds in major tourist attractions, stations and airports across the country have also attracted the attention of the world. Foreign media, experts and netizens 'real name envy'. This lively scene proves China's successful experience in fighting the epidemic and also indicates the strength of China's economic recovery.

Foreign media: 'The things I dream of'

The US 'New York Times' recently published an article that this Golden Week, the Chinese 'do what many people in other countries dream of' and 'this is a clear signal for China to recover from the epidemic.'


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that hundreds of millions of people in China were able to celebrate this year's National Day through travel and other means.


Bloomberg News reported that China has basically contained the new crown epidemic. Golden Week has demonstrated China's confidence in economic recovery and public health safeguards.

Many foreign media also set their sights on Wuhan, lamenting its resilience. 'On the first day of the reopening of the Wuhan Sports Center, the number of reservations reached the upper limit. The shopping street was bustling and the landmark Yellow Crane Tower staged a brilliant light show at night.' The British 'Times' website published an article.


Under the normalization of the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, the first National Day Golden Week, China's consumer market has clearly recovered, and tourism, dining and shopping, and cultural entertainment have all shown prosperity.

High-tech triggers a consumer boom

During the National Day, a smart coffee kiosk COFE+ made by robots appeared in Shanghai shopping malls-Zhongshan Park Longzhimeng entrance, Qingpu Outlets and other places. The high-tech appearance and fast production efficiency attract Passersby watched to buy.

It is reported that this COFE+ intelligent robot coffee kiosk, which covers an area of less than 2.5 square meters, can realize a series of operations that can only be completed by baristas such as fully automatic grinding, extraction, stirring, whipping cream, garnishing, layering, and capping. It only takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to complete the production process. And not only in shopping malls in Shanghai, but also in Zhongshan Park Subway Station, Yan'an West Road Subway Station, Xuhui Administrative Center, Renji Hospital Physical Examination Center... Many places have this smart coffee robot.


Although the current domestic epidemic has entered a stable period early, people still wear masks habitually in densely populated areas such as shopping centers and subway stations to maintain appropriate social distance. But even so, there is still a long line of people gathered in front of COFE+, everyone wants to taste the coffee made by this robot.

There is an order screen on both sides of COFE+. After clicking to enter, there are nearly 50 flavors to choose from. Each flavor also provides hot drinks, less ice, de-icing, sugar-free, polysaccharide, standard sugar, etc. The selection and even the amount of sugar added can be accurate to the gram, which can be said to provide a perfect private customization service for coffee lovers. The editor interviewed some customers at the scene and said that this robot coffee kiosk satisfies the practical needs of consumers such as 'zero contact', fully enclosed and sterile, transparent operation, affordable and affordable, so it is reasonable.

In front of the machine, the editor also saw that starting from the National Day holiday, COFE+ launched a half-price early adopter event. A cup of coffee worth more than ten yuan on weekdays can be purchased for about six yuan. It can be said to be very cost-effective. !

Whether at home or abroad, the current real economy is mostly a traditional manual physical store model. Only in recent years has sporadic equipment such as unmanned vending machines appear. Starting with smart technology, this COFE+ robot coffee kiosk not only breaks through the traditional physical store model, but also upgrades the traditional vending machine's 'stale goods arrangement' model, making personalized customized products freshly ground, pointing to the future development of the real economy A new technological path has triggered a series of consumption booms.