Committed to becoming a popular coffee shop in the future, why is COFE+ robot coffee? !

If you ask what is the hottest in today's society? Milk tea must have a place. Internet celebrity milk teas such as Hey Tea, Cha Yan Yue Se, and Naixue dominate the circle of friends of the 'Hou Lang' every day. In addition to these milk tea brands that were in their prime, a cup of coffee made by robots is quietly emerging, and it is likely to become the next outlet in the beverage industry.

With the increasing maturity of robot technology, robots have gradually entered the life service industry from military industry, heavy industry, and light industry. Floor sweeping robots, companion robots, translation robots, etc. have appeared one after another, and have caused a wave of consumption in the market. The 'unmanned store' created by the three major technologies of Internet + Internet of Things + artificial intelligence transforming the traditional economy is the evolution and subversion of physical stores. The robot coffee kiosk COFE+ is a revolutionary new species, new format, and new economy. It can realize 365 days, 24 hours, and intelligent unmanned sales.

Eye-catching design

The appearance of the robot coffee kiosk COFE+ has a sense of technology and fashion. With the operation of the internal robotic arm, the visual impact is strong and it looks very atmospheric. Most consumers will stop or take pictures when passing by the coffee kiosk. If you need to purchase, you can click on the order screen or scan the QR code to order. After the order is placed, the robot cantilever in the transparent warehouse starts to grind, extract, stir, foam, feed, and buckle the lid. The whole process takes only 30 seconds to 1 minute, and a cup of fragrant freshly ground coffee is ready.


Powerful Empowerment of AI High Technology

This fully intelligent coffee robot COFE+, which uses high-tech, is independently developed by Shanghai Hedou Robot Technology Co., Ltd., is supported by the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology, is open 24 hours, has more than 50 flavors, supports freshly ground coffee, and shapes Latte, spreading powder and sauce, instant ice making, automatic lid closure, etc., can automatically clean and high temperature disinfection at regular intervals, and display temperature, humidity and air index in real time. It breaks through the limitations of traditional coffee shops and reflects full high efficiency and The superiority of technological progress.


Youpin's cheap freshly ground coffee

At the beginning of its establishment, the team did a detailed coffee market research. Nowadays, brands such as Starbucks and Luckin have cultivated a large number of Chinese coffee consumers. The sales of coffee in the Chinese market have reached more than 1 trillion yuan each year, and they are growing rapidly, with huge potential in the future. Among them, freshly ground coffee is becoming more and more popular. But for ordinary people, spending about 30 yuan a day for a cup of freshly ground coffee is still expensive. Now, freshly ground coffee produced by this robot with the same quality as brand coffee is priced at only RMB 9.9-17.9, which is very attractive to consumers.


Fully covered pedestrian area

COFE+ robot coffee kiosk has a wide range of application scenarios, whether it is in crowded shopping malls, subway commercial corridors, office buildings, and communities, coffee can be sold. At present, COFE+ has placed dozens of robot coffee kiosks in Shanghai Zhongshan Park Metro Station, the entrance of Zhongshan Park Longemont Shopping Center, KING88 office building, Yan'an West Road Metro Station, Xuhui District Administrative Center, Changning District Government and other places. The environment of bacteria, the fully transparent production process, and the zero-contact consumption throughout the whole process, the use of 'no one' to truly replace 'person' has been recognized by consumers.



From the perspective of the long history, technological advancement is to make people more and more comfortable and convenient. In the next ten years, it will be more and more common for robots to serve mankind. Nowadays, the digital transformation of China's economy is entering a new stage. A large number of artificial intelligence application scenarios have been developed and explored. Facing the vast market of unmanned economy, the development of future coffee shops will move closer and closer to the robot coffee kiosk COFE+ model. .