Smart robot coffee, a new wave in the coffee world

The word 'wave' was first used in the coffee industry in 2002 when Trish Rothgeb (co-founder of Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters in San Francisco) summarized the three waves experienced by the coffee industry: instant coffee (World War II to the 1960s) , Freshly ground coffee (60s to 90s), specialty coffee (90s to 2010), and use 'wave' to represent every change in the production and consumption mode of the coffee industry.


Driven by the wave of specialty coffee, the market began to pursue higher-quality coffee beans and coffee craftsmanship, and a large number of roasting workshops appeared. Driven by quality, the coffee bean planting and processing technology is adjusted according to consumer feedback. The price of coffee is unstable due to the difference in brand and technology. At the same time, the upgrading of roasting has also correspondingly promoted the 'evolution' of the concept, technology and customer service of the barista, the group of people closest to the customer in this industry.


New opportunities under the new wave

With the advent of the post-industrial era, the surplus of the physical industry and the impact of Internet e-commerce have coincided with the continuous increase in rents, raw material costs, and labor costs. Statistics show that 70% of traditional physical coffee shops have meager profits or even losses, and they have to lay off employees. Or the dilemma of closing the store. Feelings cannot withstand the cruel reality, and love cannot withstand the operating pressure. The carving time coffee team, which once owned the most literary and artistic brand, failed to find a balance between the emotional coffee dream and rational capital, and it was difficult to move forward.

With the popularization of mobile payment, the rapid development of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and Internet frontier technologies and application integration, new retail, new economy, and new species are ushering in vigorous development, and the era of smart coffee is coming! High-quality cheap coffee, which is more acceptable to consumers, became popular.

The tireless robot coffee master

In Shanghai, there is such a robot coffee kiosk, cofe+, covering only 2.5 square meters. It only takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to present a cup of freshly ground coffee that looks and taste the same as that of a well-known brand coffee shop. In front of consumers, the price is only 1/3 of Star Daddy's, just as the robot coffee kiosk cofe+ advertisement said: 'Extraordinary enjoyment-excellent products at low prices'


In my opinion, the robot coffee kiosk is an upgrade and evolution of the traditional physical coffee shop. All the instruments, equipment and tools needed in the physical coffee shop are in this robot coffee kiosk, and it is more powerful and bulkier. Smaller, more energy-saving, lower consumption, and higher efficiency.

Unlike traditional physical coffee shops, the robotic coffee kiosk doubles its business hours and provides 24-hour service. Consumers can pay for orders via mobile phones. After placing the order, the coffee beans in the transparent warehouse will start to be ground, extracted and freshly beaten. Milk froth, drip into syrup...


For merchants, robots, a special service method, will not only increase customer traffic and attract more people to come and experience it; moreover, robots work tirelessly, can memorize complex finished recipes without making mistakes, and long-lasting repetitive work will not It is boring and maintains the consistency of service quality; thirdly, robots can replace manpower, which can greatly reduce personnel costs, especially not restricted by overtime and holidays; finally, robots can better memorize complex menus and are more suitable for personalized services and diverse A personalized experience to meet consumer standardization and personalized service needs.

For consumers, robot services not only bring consumers a refreshing sense of freshness, experience and control, but also greatly satisfy people's curiosity and curiosity, fresh, exciting and fun; moreover, the high standard of robot services And constancy, so that the customer experience process is very consistent. In traditional physical coffee shops, people serve people, but the baristas and waiters are full of emotions and personal emotions. They all have the peaks and troughs of personal mood. The customer experience process is easily affected by the emotional attitude of the employees, and the customer evaluation fluctuates. Big.

We are already in a new wave of intelligence, globalization, dataization, science and human culture from the coffee production end to the consumer end. Smart robot coffee is not only a drink that gives people passion and energy, it has also become a connection. In the future, let mankind step into the era of superior product parity that has been 'taste' before.