What happened to the real economy even after Coffee closed all its stores?

Yesterday, Lian Coffee issued a document on the official public account that all the stores have been closed and there is no plan to open again for the time being.


At the same time, Lian Coffee’s product system is also about to undergo significant changes. The product series will include but not limited to pre-packaged forms such as coffee capsules, hanging ears, and freeze-dried powder. Lian Coffee will officially enter the fast-moving beverage industry. Secondly, in terms of channels, in addition to WeChat official accounts and mini programs, even coffee will appear in more channels such as Tmall and convenience stores, and the service range will be expanded from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to the whole country.

The physical store is being updated

Due to the rise of various housing prices, the rental prices of many shops have also risen. In some good locations, the capital can reach hundreds of thousands a year. However, the current physical stores rely on profits to work, coupled with high rent consumption, resulting in Many brick-and-mortar stores cannot make money and have to be forced to close down. At the same time, the impact of e-commerce, fierce market competition, changing market models, increased costs of physical stores, and the catering industry is double-exploited by landlords and takeaway platforms, and profits are thin and thin.


'Unmanned economy' may become a dark horse

From the Internet, big data to artificial intelligence, from a single online e-commerce, offline physical stores to online and offline integration, new retail has entered a period of renewal and iteration. Bill Gates once said: 'People often overestimate the possible changes in the next two years, but at the same time underestimate the possible changes in the next ten years.' With the gradual development of the 'new retail' model After landing, the four major sectors of big data, Internet of Things, smart terminals and technological innovation have become indisputable. Regardless of your understanding of technology and your control over this industry and market, in the future, new retail will become mainstream. The trend will even leave platforms such as Taobao and Jingdong behind.

With the gradual maturity of emerging artificial intelligence technologies, the 'unmanned economy', 'home economy' and 'online economy' that reduce labor costs and focus on consumer experience are favored by more and more consumers.

With unmanned new retail as the direction of innovation, with consumer experience as the core, let the public enjoy smart life while grasping the new wind of the times. Merchants control costs through online big data, interact with consumers through offline experience, and provide consumers with customized services. In the future, consumers are no longer buying products, but buying a way of life.


Leading the 'flavor', 'brown' is the same

If you want to 'live' and achieve greater development, you must adapt to the times. In recent years, the unmanned economy has been talked about by the public. It requires no labor and no contact service, which is especially suitable for the needs of preventing and fighting the epidemic.

Compared with physical stores, COFE+ robot coffee kiosks greatly save labor, save energy, reduce costs, and reduce rents. It breaks the irregular management of traditional coffee shops, unstable quality, difficulty in changing locations, limited business hours, and flourishing space The five scarce spells reflect the high efficiency and the superiority of technological progress.

Covering an area of less than 2.5 square meters, it can provide 100% Arabica and 100% organic coffee beans, two cups of hot and iced drinks, two types of hot and ice temperatures, and no sugar or less sugar, plus powder and granules Such personalized customized services can realize fresh-keeping pure milk, instant ice making, creative toppings, mixing and shaking, and layered beverage production.

There are as many as 50+ drink flavors to choose from, and one cup of coffee can be freshly ground in an average of 30 seconds to 1 minute. Supported by the Internet of Things technology and artificial intelligence technology, the equipment regularly purifies, cleans, and removes dust, and uses intelligent high-temperature disinfection and sterilization. The entire process is automated. It displays temperature, humidity and air index in real time. It can be operated 24 hours a day without personnel.

The editor believes that the 'real economy' has been highly saturated and excessively competitive after a century of development, and a new wave of model innovation is urgently needed. The 'unmanned store' created by the three major technologies of Internet + Internet of Things + artificial intelligence transforming the traditional economy is the evolution and subversion of physical stores. The robot coffee kiosk COFE+, this is a revolutionary new species, new format, and new economy.

The new generation of consumers will also greatly promote the development of new retail and form a road to the transformation of the retail industry in the future. To welcome the new retail era with a brand-new look is a trend for the rise of physical store transformation and a good time for new business development.