How will coffee develop in the future? Smart coffee robots help transform consumption scenarios

How will coffee develop in the future? Smart coffee robots help the consumption scene change So far, the coffee business has completely experienced 3 revolutions, namely instant coffee represented by Nestlé and Maxwell, chain coffee represented by Starbucks and COSTA, and blue bottle coffee For the representative specialty coffee. Each wave corresponds to the definition of coffee productization and channel functions.


The new round of coffee business revolution is the era of smart coffee coming with the popularization of mobile payments, the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, and the rapid development and application integration of cutting-edge Internet technologies! High-quality cheap coffee, which is more acceptable to consumers, became popular.

Following the trend, the coffee consumption scene changes

With the growth of per capita consumption and the continuous improvement of residents’ quality of life, the younger generation’s preference for coffee beverages has gradually increased, driving the rapid growth of the coffee industry. According to statistics, in 2019, my country’s per capita coffee consumption is 7.2 cups, which is still at a low level compared with developed countries. At the same time, the average annual growth rate of coffee consumption in my country has reached 15%, much higher than the world’s 2%. The growth rate. Cross-comparison of the two data shows that my country's coffee market is still in a state of urgent need to be explored, and has broad development space.

Coffee consumption scenes are gradually changing from 'social attributes' to daily drinks, and coffee consumption is becoming more popular. In the context of an increasingly rapid pace of life, the demand for full-scenario coffee will be far greater than the demand for consumption in stores. At the same time, as coffee becomes the preferred beverage of more and more young people, the way of coffee consumption continues to be renovated, and convenience is one of the core directions, which promotes the rapid development of the unmanned self-service smart coffee machine industry. When opening a physical store, the unmanned self-service smart coffee machine has the advantages of lower cost and easy implementation of standardized operations.


Grasp the trend, the robot coffee master arrives

In Shanghai, there is such a robot coffee kiosk, cofe+, covering only 2.5 square meters. It only takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to present a cup of freshly ground coffee that looks and taste the same as that of a well-known brand coffee shop. In front of consumers.

In the robot coffee kiosk COFE+, the robot's robotic arm can independently perform operations such as milk frothing, whipping cream, garnishing, decorative powder, pouring sauce, layering, shaking, and capping. It is a concentrated smart cafe. It is unattended for 24 hours and is never fatigued. Coffee sold in other physical coffee shops can be purchased here for only one-third of the price, and it uses fresh milk, fresh ice, and freshly ground cups.

In my opinion, the robot coffee kiosk is an upgrade and evolution of the traditional physical coffee shop. All the instruments, equipment and tools needed in the physical coffee shop are contained in this robot coffee kiosk, and it is more powerful and bulkier. Smaller, more energy-saving, lower consumption, and higher efficiency.

At the same time, this unmanned intelligent robot coffee kiosk is completely different from the common self-service coffee vending machines in life. On the one hand, it is a kitchen and stove; on the other hand, it uses robots to replace people to make coffee all the way, and the taste is similar to the famous The physical coffee shop is almost the same, delicious but not expensive. It can be seen at the entrance of Longzhimeng at Zhongshan Park Metro Station in Shanghai, at the entrance of West Yan'an Road Metro Station, Qingpu Outlets, Renji Hospital and other places.

For merchants, robots, a special service method, will not only increase customer traffic and attract more people to come and experience it; moreover, robots work tirelessly, can memorize complex finished recipes without making mistakes, and long-lasting repetitive work will not It is boring and maintains the consistency of service quality; thirdly, robots can replace manpower, which can greatly reduce personnel costs, especially not restricted by overtime and holidays; finally, robots can better memorize complex menus and are more suitable for personalized services and diverse A personalized experience to meet consumer standardization and personalized service needs.


For consumers, robot services not only bring consumers a refreshing sense of freshness, experience and control, but also greatly satisfy people’s curiosity, freshness, excitement, and fun; moreover, the high standards of robot services And constancy, so that the customer experience process is very consistent. In traditional physical coffee shops, people serve people, but the baristas and waiters are full of emotions and personal emotions. They have the peaks and troughs of personal mood. The customer experience process is easily affected by the emotional attitude of the employees, and the customer evaluation fluctuates Big.

We are already in a new wave of intelligence, globalization, dataization, science and human culture from the coffee production end to the consumer end. Smart robot coffee is not only a drink that gives people passion and energy, it has also become a connection. In the future, let mankind step into the era of superior product parity that has been 'taste' before.