Want to open a cafe? You can make a decision after reading this article

Perhaps no country has such a fast-changing drink trend: milk-covered tea was still popular yesterday, and today the drink in hand has been replaced with dirty tea, and at the same time it has become popo tea, which makes people “tongue” Too much time to pick up. At the same time, the coffee market is not alone. Large-scale capital investment, cross-border cooperation in multiple fields, and the improvement of consumer tastes have all promoted or even forced the development of coffee products in the direction of diversification and innovation.


After you sing it, I will appear on the stage. Looking back at the development of independent coffee shops in China, I found that many old shops are now in the market. Those coffee shops that do not have the influence of Starbucks IP and the Internet technology of Luckin are difficult to be in today's market. Long-term development under the environment.

In recent years, coffee on the island has been difficult to find. Costa and Lian Coffee have closed their stores one after another, and Starbucks has encountered a nemesis... Since the epidemic raged this year, the coffee market has suffered overnight rains, and physical coffee shops have suffered a head blow and ups and downs. The ups and downs have intensified. In Beijing alone, 50% of physical coffee shops have closed...

The dream of opening a cafe is beautiful, but the reality is actually very skinny. There is a saying in the coffee industry that 'cafe 7 loses, 2 draws and 1 earns'. Choosing to open a coffee shop means giving up a stable salary cash flow and predictable holiday time. It takes courage to leave life and feelings to a store and open a cafe.

Moreover, the cost of coffee production has been rising year by year due to high rent, high decoration, high labor, and high consumption of traditional coffee shops. Cafes are different from the 'little quick spirits' of milk tea shops. Both raw materials and equipment need to be invested. For example, SEO and milk purification that have emerged in recent years. More investment and heavier burdens mean that the fixed costs of coffee shops need to increase. , The payback cycle is longer.

Robot smart cafes set off a new industry wave

On the streets of Shanghai, there is such a robot coffee kiosk COFE+. It is understood that this coffee kiosk does not require decoration, is unattended, is open 24 hours a day, has a rated power of only 3.5KW, covers an area of 2.5 square meters, and is never fatigued. The cost of a cup of coffee has been reduced by 70%. The physical coffee shop sells coffee ranging from 20-40 yuan, and cofe+ can do it for only 9.9-13.9 yuan, and the gross profit margin remains the same.


In the past ten years or so, office coffee has become the standard equipment of many companies. The office group's demand for coffee has been increasing, and the quality requirements for coffee have been improved, and more are willing to choose cost-effective and easy-to-access methods. At the same time, the appearance of the 24-hour tireless robot coffee master made the office building white-collar workers full of praise. Before going to work, during a lunch break, or late at night when working overtime, they can quickly drink a cup of fresh coffee made by the robot master. coffee.


At the same time, this unmanned smart coffee kiosk is completely different from the common self-service coffee vending machines in life. On the one hand, it is a kitchen and stove; on the other hand, it uses robots to replace people to make coffee all the way, and the taste is similar to the famous physical coffee. The shop is almost the same, delicious but not expensive.

This robot coffee kiosk uses fresh milk, fresh ice, and freshly ground cups. There are more than 50 flavors. At the same time, 12 types of syrup, 8 types of powder, and 2 types of coffee beans can be creatively combined. Automatic closure. The whole process from ordering to taking cups is automated and transparent. It only takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to complete a cup of coffee, which is very fast and convenient.


This robot smart cafe can be seen everywhere in Shanghai's subway stations, office buildings, hospitals... Many passers-by who saw this novel 'coffee shop' couldn't help but stop to buy a cup of tasting.


With the popularization of mobile payment, the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and the rapid development of the Internet's cutting-edge technologies and the integration of applications, the unmanned economy is beckoning us. Looking forward in the tide of the times, the robot coffee kiosk, as a young and novel new species, fits the current trend of the times of seeking innovation and change. Let robots serve people while realizing the dream of opening a coffee shop at low cost, it's time to look forward!