Looking at coffee trends from 2020 Hotel Plus International Hotel and Commercial Space Expo

On August 12-14, 2020 Hotel Plus International Hotel and Commercial Space Expo was held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Due to the epidemic, the exhibition was postponed for a full 4 months.

The reporter visited and saw that at this year's Hotel Plus, the scale of Chinese hotel industry, retail business, and service industry manufacturers' exhibitors had shrunk, and the exhibition was less lively than in previous years. It can be seen that the new crown epidemic has severely impacted the hotel industry, with a significant decline in consumption, and the hotel industry and retail businesses are in urgent need of transformation. After the epidemic, where will global hotels and commercial enterprises go? How to break through and innovate the business model? Where will the future business scene go? It has become a common topic for exhibitors and visitors at this exhibition.

从2020 Hotel Plus国际酒店及商业空间博览会看咖啡趋势

At this exhibition, the reporter found that Hall 8.1 (International Smart Retail Exhibition) is the most sought after by consumers. Among them, there is a 'COFE+ Robot Coffee Kiosk' that is known as the world's 'drop' of a cup of robot coffee, which has attracted the attention of the audience, and the booth is always crowded.

从2020 Hotel Plus国际酒店及商业空间博览会看咖啡趋势

According to the staff of the organizer, Bohua Exhibition Company, only three countries and very few companies in the world can develop coffee robots, and this COFE+ robot coffee kiosk is one of the best. The staff of Bohua Company also found the contact information of the manufacturers through the Shanghai government, the Science and Technology Commission and the industry associations and invited them to participate in this exhibition.

A hotel owner at the scene told reporters: “The robot coffee kiosk is very convenient. All the instruments, equipment and tools needed in the physical coffee shop are contained in this robot coffee kiosk, and it is more powerful and smaller. If The establishment of such a coffee kiosk in the reception area of the hotel, where consumers can enjoy freshly ground coffee 24 hours a day, will become a very attractive element in the hotel.'

从2020 Hotel Plus国际酒店及商业空间博览会看咖啡趋势

The reporter interviewed a number of audiences around. They said that this unmanned smart coffee kiosk is completely different from the common self-service coffee vending machine in life. On the one hand, it is a kitchen and stove, and on the other hand, it is replaced by a robot. People make coffee all the way, and the taste is almost the same as that of a famous physical coffee shop, but it is delicious but not expensive. The selling price of the 16-ounce cup at the exhibition was only a little over 10 yuan.

According to the factory's on-site staff, COFE+ is the world's first truly unmanned coffee shop. It uses fresh milk and fresh ice to make freshly ground coffee through a robot. There are 12 kinds of syrups, 8 kinds of powder and 2 kinds of coffee beans in the robot coffee kiosk, which can be creatively combined, freshly made, and the lid can be automatically buckled after the drink is made. The whole process from ordering to taking the cup is automated and transparent. It only takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to complete a cup of coffee, which is very fast and convenient.

The reporter also noticed that this COFE+ smart coffee shop covers an area of less than 2.5 square meters. It offers two choices of Arabica and organic coffee beans, two cups of hot and iced drinks, two types of hot/ice temperature, and less sugar. Personalized customized services such as polysaccharides, powder and syrup, paper cups or plastic cups have met the different tastes of many consumers and won unanimous appreciation from the audience.

The reporter believes that the future of unmanned economy is bright, and the unmanned store model like the robot coffee kiosk COFE+ can not only be used in the hotel industry, but also in the upgrading and evolution of various industries. Intelligent technology creates better services for consumers, which can better satisfy people's yearning for a better life. Traditional industries and entities in China must pay more attention to the application of high technology, constantly transforming traditional businesses and introducing new models, which is the long-term strategy for the survival and development of enterprises.

从2020 Hotel Plus国际酒店及商业空间博览会看咖啡趋势