"Robot" coffee kiosks appeared in downtown Shanghai, Ruixing has become history? !

In a confined space of 2.5 square meters, a flexible robotic arm is working in an orderly manner, grinding coffee beans, adding ice, adding milk, frothing, sending the lid, and taking out the cup. It only takes 1 minute to make a latte The robot coffee kiosk can make 600 cups of coffee a day.

Such a scene does not only exist in the western world, but actually happened in Shanghai, China.

On May 23, a robot coffee kiosk appeared at the entrance of the Dragon Dream mall in Zhongshan Park, Shanghai. The fashionable appearance and novel experience attracted many passersby.

上海闹市区惊现”机器人“咖啡亭 瑞幸成为历史?!

'As long as I order, can it make the cup of coffee I want?' Many consumers have expressed incredible that robots can make coffee.

Robot coffee kiosk: a 2 square meter concentrated food factory

The COFE+ robot coffee kiosk developed by Shanghai Hedou Technology Co., Ltd. was officially launched in October last year. After months of scientific research and polishing, it is equipped with core technologies such as artificial intelligence. Now the robotic arm can independently complete milk frothing, whipping, garnishing, The operations of decorating powder, dipping sauce, layering, shaking, and capping make it a concentrated smart coffee shop.

'Unlike an automatic coffee machine, the robot coffee kiosk is immediately polished and freshly made. It has a similar operation process to an artificial coffee shop, but it is safer and more accurate than that,' said Hedong Technology CEO Han Feizi. The physical coffee shop has unstable quality, uneven staff, difficulty in changing locations, limited operating time, high space costs, and sanitary conditions. Robot coffee kiosks seem to be solved.

上海闹市区惊现”机器人“咖啡亭 瑞幸成为历史?!

The closed aseptic vacuum space keeps mosquitoes and cockroaches away; precise sugaring system, the taste does not depend on subjective imagination; 24h operation, non-stop service; 2.5 square meters of land area, perfect for shopping malls, subway stations, office buildings and other consumption Scenes.

There are many choices in a small coffee kiosk. 2 kinds of coffee beans, fresh milk preparation, dozens of coffee drinks, both cold and hot drinks, as many as 50 kinds of taste, many consumers kindly describe COFE+ as: the price of unmanned coffee machine, the quality of Starbucks.

The rise of the unmanned economy will also 'close' the mouth without technology

'Unmanned driving,' 'unmanned warehouse,' and 'unmanned retail', the popular words of unmanned economy are springing up like mushrooms. It is an outlet for capital competition and a new lifestyle of popular supporters.

For the rise of unmanned economy, technology must go first. The unmanned economy is essentially the product of artificial intelligence that has gradually matured and combined with technologies in other fields. With the blessing of big data, Internet of Things and other technologies, the reconstruction of new consumer relations can be realized, while at the same time it can also reduce manpower output and improve service efficiency. In other words, the 'disintermediation' unmanned economy must have strong technical support, otherwise it cannot withstand the test of the market.

The core team of Shanghai Hedoporn Technology is composed of more than 30 Ph.Ds and Masters graduated from Fudan University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tongji, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and European and American high schools. The enterprise has rich experience in scientific research, operation and actual combat, with interconnected genes, intelligent genes, entity chain industry genes, service industry genes and rich practical experience. The superb technology comes from an excellent team. The COFE+ robot coffee kiosk is based on a strong technical team, carrying the most cutting-edge technology genes, and it was born in Shanghai. Automatic cleaning and sterilization system, cold and hot drinks can be made, powder sauce is compatible, behind every seemingly simple function is every point of high-tech technology.

上海闹市区惊现”机器人“咖啡亭 瑞幸成为历史?!

The 'epidemic' was shocking and came along

Science and technology support and innovation drive are one of the important connotations of Shanghai's construction of a global science and technology innovation center. Science and technology rejuvenate the country. New technology and new species like COFE+ bear the responsibility not only to improve the people's production and living standards, but also to go to the world through innovation and technology, and to enhance the country's global influence.

In addition, at the moment of the epidemic, how to resume work and production safely, and how to eat and consume healthily are topics of common concern for enterprises and consumers. As a new retail branch product of the unmanned economy, the robot coffee kiosk uses innovative technology to provide consumers with healthy, safe and good coffee. At the same time, it is undoubtedly reducing operational risks for enterprises and setting a benchmark for the anti-epidemic resumption of production.

The arrival of the era of robotic coffee kiosks is bound to have an impact on traditional coffee shops. When people's coffee consumption habits no longer rely on services and space, but instead focus on convenience and taste, Ruixing may really become history.