At the 3rd CIIE 2020, COFE+ robot coffee becomes the biggest highlight

On November 5, the 3rd China International Import Expo officially kicked off at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 3,000 companies from more than 150 countries and regions participated in the exhibition.


Compared with previous years, this year's CIIE is particularly special due to the impact of the epidemic. On the one hand, in order to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic, this year's CIIE has strict management in terms of personnel management, number of people, and food retail in the exhibition area; on the other hand, in the face of the industry turning point caused by the epidemic, more and more services are provided. Robots ushered in the golden period of industry development.

At this exhibition, the reporter found that in Hall 2.1 [C2-01], there is a 'COFE+ Robot Coffee Kiosk' known as the world's 'dropping' of a cup of robot coffee, which has attracted the attention of the audience, and the booth is always crowded.


According to the staff of the CIIE, only a few companies in four countries around the world can develop robot coffee kiosks, and this COFE+ robot coffee kiosk is one of the best. At the same time, this coffee robot has participated in the CIIE for the second time. Last year, it was a dazzling star at the second CIIE. It was also a special invitation to the Shanghai People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in 2020. A high-tech enterprise where intelligence enters the lives of people.


The reporter interviewed a number of spectators around. They said that this unmanned smart coffee kiosk is completely different from the common self-service coffee vending machine in life. On the one hand, it is a kitchen and stove, and on the other hand, it is replaced by a robot. People make coffee all the way, and the taste is almost the same as that of a famous physical coffee shop. It is delicious but not expensive. The selling price of a large 16-ounce cup at the exhibition is only a little over 10 yuan.


The reporter also noticed that this coffee robot can not only make coffee, but also make drinks such as matcha latte, milk, chocolate, etc. There are more than 50 types of drinks to choose from, as well as two types of Arabica and organic coffee beans. There are two kinds of choices, hot drinks and iced drinks, more ice and less ice, less sugar and polysaccharides, powder and syrup, and other personalized customized services. It not only allows consumers to feast on their tastes, but also truly enjoy the great joy brought by technological advancement.


Seeing the long queue at the scene, the reporter couldn't help but buy a cup and taste it. The taste was great, not inferior to the famous brand. Asked about the production time and the number of cups that can be made, the person in charge on the site replied, 'On average, 1 cup can be ground in 45 seconds, and one refill can support continuous production of 300 cups of coffee, meeting the needs of a day.' surprising!

'The birth of COFE+ robot coffee kiosk is the evolution and subversion of traditional coffee shops.' Han Feizi, one of the founders of COFE+, said in an interview. 'The equipment is fully enclosed, sterile and dust-free, intelligent high-temperature disinfection and cleaning, and the entire process is automated. It is open 24 hours a day, without personnel on duty. It not only breaks the situation of limited production technology, but also solves the irregular management of physical coffee shops, unstable personnel, unstable quality, difficulty in changing locations, limited business hours, and prosperous shops Six major pain points of space scarcity.'


COFE+, as a full-function, full-product, full-intelligence robot coffee kiosk, has achieved a number of “drop” records in the industry:

1) One 'Drip' machine realizes a full range of 100% pure liquid milk, 100% fresh cream, garland, fresh ice, powder and sauce, and personalized customization (formulations and ingredients added according to customer taste preferences) Functional robot coffee kiosk

2) One 'Dip' machine realizes the quality inspection of raw materials such as powder, granules, pulp, sauce, etc. in the robot coffee kiosk, and all food safety meets the standards in one week

3) One “Dip” realizes that the liquid milk is stored for 72 hours during the process of robot coffee making, and the food safety is fully up to the standard.

4) “Dip” a robot coffee kiosk that realizes the variety of both iced and hot drinks

5) 'Dip' a robot coffee kiosk that can automatically buckle the lid after making coffee

6) 'Dip' a robot coffee kiosk that can automatically buckle lids for two types of paper cups and plastic cups

7) “Dip” a robot coffee kiosk that realizes the full compatibility of the former powder, the former sauce, the latter powder and the latter sauce

8) 'Dip' a robot coffee kiosk that realizes double bean storage and personalization to customize your taste

9) “Dip” is a robot coffee kiosk that can produce as many varieties (more than 50 flavors) as Starbucks coffee shops

10) 'Di' a 'cold and hot dual, full-category' robot coffee kiosk that has been approved by the government for sale and operation

'The COFE+ robot coffee kiosk has always been very optimistic about China’s unmanned economic prospects. Coffee is a necessity in markets such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. The potential market prospects are good. Through this event, we hope to introduce the world’s leading, fully intelligent, robot coffee kiosk COFE+ to Global.' said Han Feizi, one of the founders of COFE+.

Faced with the impact of the new crown epidemic that is raging around the world, consumer needs and behaviors have undergone tremendous changes. Unmanned retail also has a safer advantage compared to traditional retail, cutting off the potential safety hazards of personal contact. The future of the unmanned economy has a bright future. The new economy presents new productivity, new business forms show new charm, and human beings continue to improve the quality of life in the course of technological advancement. An unmanned shop model like COFE+, a robot coffee kiosk, can be applied to the upgrade and evolution of all walks of life.