Xinhua News Agency-Chinese workers behind the booming unmanned economy

According to Xinhua News Agency, there is a COFE+ robot coffee kiosk in the lobby of an office building in Changning District, Shanghai. In the glass pavilion covering an area of 2.5 square meters, the robotic arm can brew a cup of hot American coffee as fast as 30 seconds, and can also make complex rose lychee latte, hot chocolate, etc. Han Feizi, general manager of the inventor, Shanghai Hedong Robot Technology Co., Ltd., said that the current coffee kiosk orders have doubled and the user base is expanding.


Han Feizi introduced that, in order to work hard in the direction of 'not inferior to hand-made', so that every cup of coffee has a decent packaging, only the mechanical arm closure technology of coffee cups has been studied for a long time.

For hot coffee, use a thick paper cup to warm your hands without being hot; for iced coffee, use a transparent plastic cup to reveal a pleasing picture of coffee, cream and ice. To this end, the robot coffee kiosk is equipped with a flexible production system that can identify the thickness of the cup wall of different materials, intelligently adjust the strength and angle of the cap, and accurately cap the cap.

'Unmanned aerial vehicles cannot be at the expense of taste and consumer experience.' Han Feizi said.


In April of this year, the 'Shanghai Action Plan for Promoting the Development of New Online Economy (2020-2022)' was released, which specifically mentioned the acceleration of unmanned economic forms such as unmanned factories, unmanned supermarkets, smart vending machines, and unmanned distribution.

At the end of 2019, Xixiang obtained the first 'Food Business License' issued to the intelligent unmanned micro-kitchen in Shanghai. 'For this kind of innovation, Shanghai's regulatory authorities will work with us to discuss how to better manage it. Hongqiao Street where we are located also provides help and cooperation resources like the 'mother family'.' Liu Yunxi said.

She said that the unmanned economy will create richer career choices. For example, the company has built a cloud-based recipe database. In the future, more chefs in the society will be invited to gain income by uploading recipes. The door of the unmanned industry is opening to more workers.

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