Thoughtful Shanghai-Hundreds of people lined up to buy robots to make coffee. Is the unmanned econom

According to a report from Zhouxiang Shanghai, “This year’s epidemic is not only a crisis but an opportunity. Our orders have doubled, and the user base is expanding.” Recently, Sun Li, deputy general manager of Shanghai Hedo Robot Technology Co., Ltd., the inventor of the robot cafe In an interview with reporters, he described the 'dangers' and 'opportunities' brought about by the new crown epidemic.

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, people have been forced to stay at home, and 'no contact' and 'zero infection' have become hot words on the Internet. In the local life service industry, fresh food e-commerce and unmanned retail have benefited from this and have rapidly emerged.

How to seize the opportunity, retain users, and maintain the popularity of new consumption has become a top priority.

Unmanned coffee kiosks launched on the market

Office buildings, shopping malls, administrative centers... Recently, many citizens have seen multi-category, fully intelligent, non-artificial coffee kiosks that can make more than 40 flavors when working or shopping. It covers an area of 2.5 square meters and can make simple American coffee, American latte, and complex rose lychee latte, matcha latte, hot chocolate, etc.

周到上海-上百人排队买机器人制作咖啡 无人经济风口终于来了?

On April 16, the reporter saw this coffee kiosk in an office building in Changning District. It was called an unmanned coffee kiosk because it had no contact at all. After consumers pay via mobile phones or place orders online, customers can see the coffee making process throughout.

Compared to a cup of freshly ground coffee, which costs about 30 yuan in the market, the coffee made by this robot is much cheaper. Customers come to buy it from time to time. The reporter ordered a cup of American latte for 9.9 yuan and vanilla latte (ice) 13.9. yuan. The taste is no different from other brands of coffee.

Sun Li said that they provide Arabica beans and two imported coffee beans. Customers have three choices: cold, hot, and ice.

'The company spent 2 years developing this machine and launched the product to the market in 2019.' Sun Li said that at present, the machine is priced at 396,000 yuan/unit for overseas exports and 299,000 yuan/unit for domestic sales. The company is also open. Franchise.

'It is an alternative to the traditional coffee shop. It is open 24 hours a day and can produce 1-2 cups per minute. Only one person spends 30 minutes a day for operation and maintenance and replenishment. It still has a certain cost advantage. The future is here.' Li said.

Shanghai supports 'unmanned economy', double the order quantity

In July 2019, the robot coffee kiosk was put into a Grade A office building in Changning District for trial operation.

周到上海-上百人排队买机器人制作咖啡 无人经济风口终于来了?

According to Sun Li, at first, many customers had doubts about this 'fresh' unmanned coffee kiosk, but after tasting it, everyone loved it. At most, it could sell 300 cups a day.

After that, the company took this machine to participate in the World Artificial Intelligence Conference and CIIE. At the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, there was an endless stream of people who came to buy coffee. At the peak, more than 100 people lined up. 500-600 cups are sold every day.

'During the epidemic, coffee shops such as Starbucks were temporarily closed, and people's awareness of'no contact' increased, and our order volume doubled.' Sun Li said frankly that crises coexist under the epidemic. After the postponement, coffee raw materials are also experiencing shortages. Fortunately, there are stocks to maintain current operations.'

On April 13, Shanghai officially released the 'Shanghai Action Plan for Promoting the Development of Online New Economy (2020-2022)' (referred to as the 'Action Plan'). The plan referred to the promotion of traditional retail and channel e-commerce integration of resources and online construction Online supermarkets, smart micro-vegetable markets, offline development of unmanned supermarkets, smart vending machines, unmanned recycling stations and other smart retail terminals.

周到上海-上百人排队买机器人制作咖啡 无人经济风口终于来了?

Sun Li said frankly that as an enterprise in the Changning District, the Changning District Government and the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Department have been giving them a lot of help in terms of site coordination and scientific and technological guidance. 'After the release of the new 'Plan', it will give us greater motivation and I am confident that the cofe+ robot coffee kiosk will operate better as a new species, new format, and new model.'

Next, they plan to launch unmanned coffee kiosks in Zhongshan Park, Gubei, Tianshan, Lingkong, Nanjing East Road, Pudong Lujiazui, World Expo and other business districts, so that more people can drink a cup of 'future' with affordable and high-quality products.

Shanghai Hedodol Technology was established in 2018. The core team is composed of more than 30 doctors and masters graduated from Fudan, University of Science and Technology of China, Tongji, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and European and American universities. Most of the backbones have worked in Huawei, Microsoft, Sany Heavy Industries and other companies. He is the earliest R&D personnel engaged in robotic coffee kiosks, robotic dessert shops, service robots, and cleaning robots in China.

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