Looking at the new trends in the global food industry after the epidemic from the International Impo

From November 5th to 10th, the 3rd China International Import Expo was held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Food delivery robots, disinfection robots, automated workstations...a batch of unmanned intelligent devices appeared stunningly. Compared with last year's CIIE, facing the industry turning point caused by the epidemic this year, more and more service robots ushered in the golden period of industry development. Robots are getting smarter. They can not only write, make tea, cook steak and even make coffee.


24-hour robot freshly ground coffee kiosk hotly enters the Expo

In this exhibition, there is a 'COFE+ Robot Coffee Kiosk' in Hall 2.1, which is known as the world's 'dropping' of a cup of robot coffee. Robot coffee kiosk, and this COFE+ robot coffee kiosk is one of the best. The CIIE is the world premiere of the COFE+ robot coffee kiosk 'Multi-flavor Personalized Customization' 4.0 upgrade version, using Ethiopian fine coffee beans, Ceylon black tea, Japanese matcha, Belgian chocolate, Turkish hazelnuts and other imported raw materials.


Consumers can place orders through their mobile phones, select coffee varieties, and scan the code to place orders without contact; they can also use the touch screen outside to select coffee varieties and place orders with their mobile phones. After the order is placed, the coffee beans in the transparent bin begin to grind and extract. The entire operation process of the robotic arm is no different from a real person. It only takes 45 seconds to make a cup on average.

At the same time, this coffee robot can not only make coffee, but also make matcha latte, milk, chocolate and other drinks. It can realize fresh-keeping pure milk, instant ice making, creative toppings, mixing and shaking, and layered beverage production. There are more than 50 kinds of beverages, and there are two types of coffee beans, two cups of hot and iced drinks, more ice and less ice, less sugar and polysaccharides, powder and syrup, and other personalized customized services. The taste is similar to that on the market. Several major coffee shops are not inferior.

AI is here, will baristas and other catering workers be laid off?

In recent years, coffee on the island has been difficult to find. Costa and Lian Coffee have closed their stores one after another, and Starbucks has encountered a nemesis... Since the epidemic raged this year, the coffee market has suffered overnight rains, and physical coffee shops have suffered a head blow and ups and downs. The ups and downs have intensified, and 50% of physical coffee shops have closed in Beijing alone... The rapid economic growth has provided a promising future for the coffee industry and brands, but it is not so optimistic for baristas working in the first-line coffee industry. .


However, the intelligent unmanned shops represented by COFE+ robot coffee kiosks not only greatly reduce labor and cost, but also greatly improve efficiency and benefits. They also achieve zero time difference in service time, high and stable service quality, and high service prices. Civilization, zero distance in service area, and personalized service method. All the instruments, equipment, and tools needed in the physical coffee shop are in this robot coffee kiosk, and they are more powerful, smaller, more energy-saving, and more efficient.

At present, from speech recognition, face recognition, to the hot unmanned driving, domestic and foreign companies including Baidu, Lenovo, Tencent, Intel, etc. are stepping up their deployment in the field of artificial intelligence. Therefore, under the influence of technological upgrades, coffee The teacher will not only be able to make a good cup of coffee in the future, but also need to know how to make the machine make a good cup of coffee.

'Depersonalization', a new model of precise catering

Consumers' demand for higher consumer quality and lower consumer prices has always been the law of the market. Technological progress is to make human life more convenient and comfortable. Human-machine collaboration and intelligent production have become the general trend. Relying on modern Internet of Things and other technologies, not only the coffee industry, more and more catering brands use big data to analyze consumption levels and consumer preferences, etc., to formulate more reasonable meals and meet consumer needs through service robots.


From the Internet era, to the e-commerce era, to the following live broadcast and short video era, behind every popular model, there is a big hand pushing technology. When science and technology develop to a certain level, it is destined to alternate between new and old, and new species will replace old ones. As a young and novel new species, the robot coffee kiosk fits the current trend of the times of seeking innovation and change. Let robots serve people while realizing the dream of opening a coffee shop at low cost,