The World Internet Conference came to a successful conclusion, this coffee robot sparked heated disc

On November 24, the two-day 'World Internet Conference · Internet Development Forum' ended successfully. Compared with previous conferences, the format of this conference has been more innovative, showing a new look of 'small but refined' and 'new and lively'.


At the forum, the guests closely combined with the theme of 'Digital Empowerment to Create a Common Future-Working Together to Build a Community of Shared Future in Cyberspace', focusing on digital economy and technology to fight the epidemic, technology development and innovation driven, 'Belt and Road' Internet international cooperation, and cyberspace international Rules, youth and the digital future, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence and other hot topics, in-depth discussions and extensive exchanges, reached new consensus in many areas.

At present, the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still spreading around the world, and the international pattern is profoundly evolving. This forum has opened a window to the world to show Chinese wisdom and Chinese solutions. The Meituan AI unmanned delivery solution helps fight the epidemic, the 360 holographic star map cyberspace mapping system makes cyber attacks nowhere to hide, the neuromorphic brain-like computer with billions of neurons to realize the bionic olfactory perception and recognition, and the fully intelligent black technology Coffee robot helps 'zero contact, zero infection' smart new retail...

Speaking of robots that can make coffee, COFE+, a robot coffee kiosk near the exit of Shanghai Zhongshan Park Metro Station and West Yan'an Road Metro Station, has become a hot topic of discussion among experts at the conference.

It is understood that COFE+ robot coffee is made by no one in the whole process, and the coffee is made and sold, and it is like an unmanned coffee shop. Not long ago, after participating in the 3rd China International Import Expo 2020, the 3rd Yangtze River Delta Science and Technology Fair, and the 3rd Yangtze River Delta Cultural Fair, the upgraded version of 'Multi-Taste Personalized Customization' 4.0 was released.

Different from traditional physical coffee shops, the robot coffee kiosk covers an area of less than 2.5 square meters, doubles the business hours, and provides 24-hour service. Consumers can place orders via mobile phones. After placing the order, the coffee beans in the transparent warehouse are Start freshly grinding, extracting, frothing fresh milk, dripping syrup... 30 seconds to 1 minute, a cup of fragrant coffee is ready.

At the same time, the robot coffee kiosk has many varieties of coffee, including American and French Ole, as well as complex rose lychee lattes, Middle Eastern Mocha Chino, and drinks such as matcha lattes, hot chocolate, etc., with more than 50 types. And COFE+ can also provide 100% Arabica and 100% organic coffee beans, two cups of hot drink and ice drink, two types of hot/ice temperature, as well as no sugar and less sugar, more ice and less ice, plus powder plus Personalized customized services such as pellets can realize fresh-keeping pure milk, instant ice making, creative toppings, mixing and shaking, and layered beverage production.


In addition, through the self-scanning code ordering system and backend, the coffee robot can also count store sales, customer preferences, membership management, equipment testing, etc., and achieve precision marketing through big data, which can greatly improve operations compared to traditional stores. Efficiency, twice the result with half the effort.

The fully enclosed and sterile environment, the fully transparent production process, and the zero-contact consumption model have allowed consumers to let go of their worries before the epidemic is over. After tasting, consumers said that the taste of the coffee made by this COFE+ robot coffee kiosk is comparable to that of a professional barista, and the price is very close to the people. The minimum cup of coffee is only 9.9 yuan, while the same coffee is generally in brand stores The price is above 30 yuan.

You can enjoy a cup of coffee with your fingers. This unmanned coffee kiosk COFE+ is by no means as simple as it seems. Experts at the World Internet Conference have discussed that the smart coffee kiosk COFE+ should be a comprehensive use of black technologies such as robotics, Internet of Things, air water, instant ice, mechanical nerves, and intelligent sterilization. These technologies are currently leading the world. COFE+ staff also confirmed that COFE+ unmanned coffee kiosk has applied for more than 50 domestic and foreign patents so far, and it is the industry leader, and it is continuing to upgrade its technology. It is expected to launch version 5.0 in 2021.


In 2020, we have experienced the tremendous impact of the epidemic on the global economy and life. At the same time, we have also recognized the responsibilities and capabilities of new technologies such as AI and big data in protesting and preventing epidemics. We have witnessed China's scientific and technological efforts and the rise of a new generation of digital technologies . New high-tech species similar to COFE+ robot coffee kiosks will be used in airports, high-speed rail stations, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, colleges, parks, office buildings, tourist attractions and other areas in the future, which will inevitably set off a new consumption boom and form a flourishing The wave of change.