Coffee robot: the beauty of stunning industrial design

On November 25th, the 2020 World Industrial Design Conference was held in Yantai, Shandong. Academic tutors, practical experts, and innovative elites from the field of intelligent manufacturing at home and abroad gathered on the coast of the Bohai Sea, which also attracted many well-known domestic enterprises to participate in the exhibition.


The highest level and ultimate goal of industrial design is also to meet the people's ever-growing needs for a better life, and it is also the most beautiful interpretation of science and technology for good and enlightening wisdom. In the venue, global academic tutors deeply analyzed the 'past and present' of industrial design. In the exhibition hall, business practice experts and innovative elites explained the 'practical results' of industrial design. One sentence frequently appeared: people need for a better life.

In the era of intelligent interconnection, how does industrial design deeply integrate with human wisdom, artificial intelligence, and intelligent manufacturing? At the 2020 World Industrial Design Conference, industry leaders discussed how to deeply explore the broad development model and innovation path of industrial design in the era of information intelligence, and explore the infinite possibilities of integration of design and smart products, smart services, smart cities, and smart platforms.

This is a coffee robot from Shanghai Hedou Technology, and it is also the world's first commercial robot coffee kiosk. The high-tech appearance attracts passersby to stop and buy every day. With the dynamic robotic arm, a cup of coffee can be made in less than a minute. It can make ice, whipped cream, sprinkle powder, and layer delicious flavors... A variety of flavors, can be customized with toppings, and can make regular non-coffee beverages such as chocolate and tea.


COFE+ robot coffee from pulping, ice, shake, capping to cup, all in one go, precise force, precise direction, weight error controlled within 0.05 grams... The team strives for excellence, overcomes difficulties, and goes all out to achieve With a high strength difference of one part per million, a high precision difference of one hundred thousandth, a high speed difference of one ten thousandth, and a high concentration difference of one thousandth, the product has reached the extreme time and time again, which can satisfy the coffee The needs of diversified scenes such as museums, offline stores, industrial parks, conventions and exhibitions, and urban meeting rooms will further play the role of robots in the intelligentization of physical scenes and help offline stores and new retail scenes to achieve comprehensive intelligence.

Robotic industrial design requires thorough thinking and accurate calculations, which run through all parts of the work. From product design to technical realization, to commercial implementation, each link tests the comprehensive skills of the robot designer.

The R&D team of Hedodol Technology has accumulated rich experience and technical reserves in the fields of robot system integration, artificial intelligence+, Internet, cloud computing, system software development, data processing and processing, and Internet of Things technology. The company now reserves more than 50 domestic and foreign patents, covering various fields such as invention, utility model, appearance design, software and hardware, and has built a dense protective wall to protect and defend the new technology of 'Robot Coffee Kiosk'.


This World Industrial Design Conference conforms to the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation trends, designing the future with human wisdom, creating power with artificial intelligence, and building an open and shared industrial ecology with intelligent manufacturing, which will lead the development direction and new wave of global industrial design , To help build a new development pattern in which domestic and international double cycles promote each other. Integrating the latest technological means such as big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, to provide the best quality services, the future of unmanned retail is infinitely bright.