Leaders of Red Star Macalline visited Shanghai Helium Dolphin Technology to personally experience fr

On the morning of December 2nd, the leaders of Red Star Macalline Group cordially visited Shanghai Hedou Robotics Technology Co., Ltd., communicated with the company leaders in depth, and personally ordered and tasted COFE+ robot fresh coffee.


Han Feizi, one of the co-founders of COFE+, introduced to the leaders that Shanghai Hedong Technology's patents are ranked first in the industry, with more than 50 domestic and foreign inventions and software patents; real-time-full-process-no dead-angle automatic supervision technology, enabling 'direct management/joint venture/joint venture Multi-modes of '/joint operation' can be developed, and 'Robot Coffee Bar' and 'Robot Cafe' will be developed in the future. With new business formats and new models, we will gradually subvert the traditional business model that is becoming increasingly competitive. 'Robots serving people' set off the fifth wave of the global coffee industry.

COFE+Robot Coffee Kiosk integrates artificial intelligence + Internet + Internet of Things, breaking the limit of self-service coffee machine technology, intelligent and automatic production, a cup can be completed in about 50 seconds, there are more than 50 flavors for consumers to choose freely, and they can be adjusted freely Sweetness, concentration, temperature, etc., to meet customers' individual taste preferences.

Han Feizi also introduced to the leaders the corporate development route and future development plan of Hedodops Technology. After the meeting, the leaders of Red Star Macalline Group personally ordered and tasted the robot coffee, and praised that they were very optimistic about the huge market potential of COFE+ robot coffee kiosks, which is a new species in the new economy.